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Sleeping Royal Town

Only eight kilometres in a straight line from the sea, during the season of the high temperatures, when thermometers on the coast and in Podgorica show 
up to 40 degrees, in Cetinje, the royal capital of Montenegro, you can put a sweater around your shoulders and sleep under a quilt.

Cetinje is known as the museum-town. 
It has the Monastery Museum, the State Museum, Njegos's Museum, the Museum of Ethnography, the Historical Museum, the Art Museum and the Museum of Electric Power Industry of Montenegro. Late 19th and early 20th century styles can still be discerned in the town's appearance, and the precious testimony to Montenegro's glorious history is treasured in its museums. But its not

all in the museums. La Vecchia casa

(The Old House in the italian) is one of the Cetinje's old houses that remembers King Nikolas time. It is still place where the old style of living is alive and where the clock beats slowly as once.

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